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Alaska Geological Society luncheon meetings are held at the BP Energy Center in Anchorage, Alaska. The meetings are typically scheduled on the 3rd Thursday of each month 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM, unless noted below. Everyone is invited.


September 20, Tuesday
Speaker: Aaron Wech, USGS, Alaska Volcano Observatory, Anchorage
Topic: "They’re hard to identify and nonthreatening, so what makes slow earthquakes so significant?"

May 17, Tuesday
Speaker: Rob Witter - USGS
Topic: "Ancient Tsunami Deposits and Modern Seismic Hazards, Southern Alaska Margin"

April 22, Friday
AGS Tech Conference, Fairbanks, AK

March 15, Tuesday
Speaker: Scott Digert - BP
Topic: "Drilling Program Outlook in Aging PBU"

February 16, Tuesday
Speaker: Matt Reeves (UAF)
Topic: "Assessing Fluid Flow Characteristics and Contaminant Migration Potential in Variably-Saturated, Fractured Rock Systems: An example from the T-Tunnel Complex, Rainier Mesa, NNSS"

January 28, Thursday
Speaker: Dr. Julia Wellner – University of Houston
Topic: "Antarctica’s Glacially-driven Stratigraphy"


December 10, Thursday
Speaker: Islin Munisteri  (AK DNR)
Topic: "Cook Inlet Natural Gas Reserves Study 2015"
Joint meeting with SPE & GSA, in BP Bldg, Anchorage

November 17, Tuesday
Speaker: Trystan M. Herriott and Marwan A. Wartes, Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical: Paul L. Decker, Alaska Division of Oil and Gas
Topic: "Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Upper Jurassic Naknek Formation, Cook Inlet Forearc Basin, South-Central Alaska"

October 14, Wednesday
Speaker: Patrick Druckenmiller, Earth Sciences Curator, University of Alaska Museum and Associate Professor of Geology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Topic: "Alaskan Dinosaurs in the Big Picture"

September 23, Wednesday
Speaker: Greg Wilson, Director of Arctic Exploration and Services for ConocoPhillips Alaska
Topic: "Inspiration in Times of Challenge: Retracing the Steps of Pioneers in North Alaska Geology"

Speaker: Ray Troll, Alaskan Artist
Topic: "Dinosaurs, Sharks, Mammoths & More: Ray Troll's Prehistoric Alaska"
(This meeting is co-hosted by Geological Society of America's Cordilleran Section Meeting.)

Speaker: Peter J. Haeussler, Research Geologist, US Geological Survey in Anchorage
Topic: "Focused exhumation along megathrust splay faults in Prince William Sound, Alaska"

Speaker: Phillip Manning, Interdisciplinary Centre for Ancient Life, University of Manchester, UK
Topic: "A Spring in the Dinosaur's Step: Musculoskeletal Modelling Dinosaur Locomotion"

Speaker: Peter Flaig, Bureau of Economic Geology/UT-Austin
Topic: "Delta Facies and Depositional Architecture Controls on Reservoir Performance"

Speaker: Jamey Jones, USGS Alaska Science Center
Topic: "Late Cretaceous through Oligocene magmatic and tectonic evolution of the western Alaska Range"


Speaker: Esther Babcock Ph. D Boise, Geotek Alaska
Topic: "Detecting Oil In and Under Ice and Snow: Ground Penetrating Radar Theory and Applications"
(This meeting is co-hosted by Geophysical Society of Alaska.)

Speaker: John Morgan, John M Campbell & Company
Topic: "LNG Changing Quickly"
This is a joint meeting with SPE and AGS.
Location: Conference Rooms A,B,C, BP Building  900 E. Benson Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99508
Lecture Information

Speaker: Larry Freeman, Geologist, Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, Fairbanks
Topic: "Revisiting the Ruby Terrane: Insights from Geologic Mapping in the Moran Area, Central-Interior Alaska"

Speaker: Jennifer Aschoff, PhD
Topic: "Recognition and Significance of Bayhead Delta Deposits: Implications for Oil/Gas Exploration and Basin Dynamics"

Speaker: David LePain, Alaska DGGS
Topic: "Cook Inlet"
(AGS Spring Technical Conference at UAA;  featured luncheon speaker)

Speaker: John Kaldi, AAPG,  Distinguished Lecturer
Topic:  “Carbon Capture and Storage”
 (Joint meeting with SPE)
April Location: 1st floor Conference Rooms A,B,C at BP Exploration Alaska

Speaker: Allison Thurmond, Ph. D., Statoil AAPG, Distinguished Lecturer
Topic: "Industry-Driven Advances In Predictive Earth Systems Modeling"
(Evening meeting at 6:00 pm.)

Speaker: Greg Wilson, COP
Topic:  “Devil’s Paw Prospect, Chukchi Sea Alaska” 
(Joint meeting with the GSA)

Speaker: David Houseknecht, USGS, Geologist
Topic:  “Alaska’s North Slope and the Chukchi Shelf” 
(Joint meeting with the GSA)

Speaker: Richard O. Lease, USGS, Research Geologist
Topic: “Thrust belt propagation, Canyon incision, and Hydrocarbon systems in the Central Andes”

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